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Performance Appraisal Letter Template
Appraisal Letter
May 28, 2012
Dianne Haberkost
190 Main Street
Ottawa, ON K1S 1C7
Dear Dianne:
You have been a positive addition to the HomeHelpers team. Over the past six
months, you have demonstrated considerable aptitude for working with seniors in a
supportive capacity. As you gain more experience and continue to develop your skills,
we are sure you will become even more proficient in meeting the needs of your
clients and following their Personal Care Plans.
Positive Performance Examples
Since you began working with HomeHelpers, two-thirds of your clients and/or their
families have phoned our office to express how delighted they are to have you in
their homes. They find your cheerful attitude and sense of humour lifts their spirits.
Your clients are also impressed with your high standards of cleanliness for kitchen
and bath areas.
We have appreciated your willingness to take on extra hours to cover for other staff
as and when needed, especially your flexibility in visiting two additional clients over
the Christmas holidays on short notice when other staff became ill.
Your dedication to your clients showed when you made a special effort to work
through your schedule on Feb. 12. Although the heavy snowfall meant you were
delayed on the road, you saw each client on your list that day, rather than cancelling
or rescheduling and letting vulnerable seniors go unattended. It was a very long and
tiring day for you, but brought much needed support to your clients.
Areas for Improvement
Before your one-year evaluation, we’d like to see an improvement in your time
management skills and your ability to follow the Personal Care Plans. Completing all
the tasks on the Personal Care Plan within the time provided needs to be your first
and foremost priority.
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Performance Appraisal Letter Template