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Personal Assistant Confidentiality Agreement
Personal Assistant Confidentiality Agreement
Derbyshire Approved
Personal Assistant
Personal Assistant Agreement
Penderels Trust will only add Personal Assistants to our register once the following
conditions have been agreed by the Personal Assistant. This agreement forms a legally
binding contract, so please read this document very carefully.
The Service:
Penderels Trust will not be the employer of the Personal Assistants.
Personal Assistants must have completed the following training prior to being placed
on the Personal Assistant Register: First Aid, Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and
Person Centred Care. Suitability of previous training to be agreed at the discretion of
Penderels Trust.
Background checks and pre-screening interview will be undertaken by Penderels
Trust. It is the responsibility of the Personal Assistant to ensure that all information
provided in relation to these checks is complete and accurate.
Penderels Trust offers no guarantee that suitable employment will be found.
Personal Assistants must inform Penderels Trust at any time if they are no longer
seeking work or if there is any change to the information that they have provided
within their application.
Personal Assistants must inform Penderels Trust when they are offered a position
even if they wish to remain on the register.
Personal Assistants must make every effort to attend any interviews that they are
invited to and give sufficient notice where not possible.
It is the decision of the Personal Assistant whether or not they accept any post that
is offered to them.
Personal Assistants must be aware that once they have accepted a job offer, they
are responsible to their new employer and must act in accordance with the terms of
their job offer.
Personal Assistants must inform the employer and Penderels Trust if they have been
convicted of or cautioned for a criminal offence before or during employment.
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Personal Assistant Confidentiality Agreement