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Personal Confidentiality Agreement For Photographer
Personal Confidentiality Agreement For Photographer
Photography and Video Services Agreement
Terms and Conditions
A. Pty Ltd ABN 28 140 582 681 (Online Consulting) provides photography and
video services to Clients.
B. This agreement sets out the rights and obligations of Clients and Online Consulting.
1. Definitions
Client means person or organisation to which Online Consulting provides services, which is a party to this
Confidential information means information that is stated to be confidential or information which a
reasonable person would consider confidential.
Event means a function or scheduled photography and video shoot at which Online Consulting has agreed
to take photographs.
Party means Client or Online Consulting.
Photograph includes proof photographs, print photographs, digital photographs, digital negatives and final
Services includes photography and video services.
2. General
2.1. These terms and conditions constitute the whole agreement between Clients and Online Consulting.
2.2. This agreement can only be varied by a Client and Online Consulting in writing.
2.3. A Client may accept these terms and conditions by:
(a) returning a signed copy of this agreement in electronic or hard copy form;
(b) using the services of Online Consulting services after being provided this agreement.
2.4. Online Consulting is not obliged to provide any services unless these are contained in the
specification in Schedule 1.
2.5. Online Consulting may decline to provide services.
2.6. Online Consulting warrants that it will provide services in a professional and workmanlike manner.
2.7. Online Consulting will not be liable for any losses caused by a factor beyond its control.
2.8. The liability of Online Consulting is limited to the cost of its services or providing those services
again, to the extent permitted by law.
2.9. Any term that is deemed unenforceable can be severed from this agreement and the remainder of
this agreement will remain valid.
2.10. Online Consulting will make every reasonable effort to ensure services are delivered at estimated
times however this cannot be guaranteed, as delays may be caused by factors beyond its control.
2.11. Online Consulting may engage other professionals or contractors to provide services to Clients,
where Online Consulting determines it appropriate.
2.12. Online Consulting will advise Clients if other professionals or contractors are used to provide
specialist services, such as lighting or sound.
2.13. All amounts are exclusive of GST unless stated otherwise.
3. Intellectual Property
3.1. Parties will retain intellectual property held prior to entering into this agreement.
3.2. Clients warrant that the photographs or videos commissioned will not breach intellectual property.
3.3. Online Consulting retains intellectual property in the photographs taken by Online Consulting.
3.4. Online Consulting retains the right to use, reproduce and alter photographs taken by Online
Consulting for the purposes of advertising, promotion or public display.
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Personal Confidentiality Agreement For Photographer