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Personal Loan Agreement Form 3
Late Charges:
Any payment not remunerated within ________ (___) days of its due date shall be subject to a belatedly
charge of ____% of the payment, not to exceed $____________ for any such late installment.
To protect Lender, Borrower gives what is known as a security interest or mortgage in:
Failure to pay:
If for any reason Borrower not succeeds to make any payment on time, Borrower shall be in default. The
Lender can then order instant payment of the entire remaining unpaid balance of this loan, without giving
anyone further notices. If Borrower has not paid the full amount of the loan when the final payment is due,
the Lender will charge Borrower interest on the unpaid balance at ______ percent (%) per year.
Collection fees:
If this note is placed with a legal representative for collection, then Borrower agrees to pay an attorney's
fee of fifteen percent (15%) of the voluntary balance. This fee will be added to the unpaid balance of the
Any Co-borrowers signing this agreement agree to be likewise accountable with the borrower for this
Borrower and Lender both agree to follow above mentioned terms and conditions.
______________________________" " " " _______________________________"
""""""""""""Borrower’s"Signature" " " " " """"""""""""""Witness’s"Signature"
______________________________" " " " _______________________________"
""""""""""""""Lender’s"Signature" " " " " """"""""""""""""""""Witness’s"Signature"
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