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Photography Business Swot Analysis
PHOTOY Business Plan
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Evolution of the analogue market in thousands of Euros
These figures do not take into account the second hand market, so considering that nobody
produced analog cameras since January 2006 it seems logical that no analog cameras or just a
few of them were sold from 2008 on.
That does not mean that people have completely forgotten about these cameras, actually
some years ago a new movement related to the analog world started to flourish in Europe and
arrived later to Spain. We will talk about the main analog´s representative later in this chapter,
which is the Lomography movement.
To conclude with this section we want to highlight the data of 2007. There was a market of
more than 2 mill Euros, neither considering the second hand market nor the revenues coming
from the selling of the new toy and replica cameras. That´s means that we are facing an
attractive potential market.
1.3.1- It’s old but it’s new
Over the last 10 years, modern photography has been subjected to a new appealing and
exciting trend, that could be defined as going back to the basics.
Photographers have rediscovered film and all the indiosycrancies of lens and film types. A
strong revival of the casual, snapshot photography is remarkable nowadays. The new media
(talking about digital cameras) overcame the market being a new product that everyone
wanted to try, because it was easy, different and affordable for the mass.
Since the appearance of the digital cameras, as we can see in the following table and charts, an
increase on the sales every year has been experimented thanks to the wide range of cameras
2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
99.776 48.609 17.290
5.375 2.338
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Photography Business Swot Analysis