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Policies And Procedures Template 3
How to Use This Template
It is imperative when using these policies, procedures, and forms as the basis for your own
to carefully review and revise them to meet your needs. This includes replacing the New
Insights name and logo with your own, adding/deleting/revising policies and procedures to
make them specific to your own program, and adjusting the forms to fit your program
The Example of the “New Insights Mentoring Program”
To further illustrate how policies are developed, we have created a fictional mentoring
program: New Insights Mentoring Program. Examples of New Insights policies and
procedures are shown throughout this workbook. New Insights follows a typical
community-based model, providing mentoring services to at-risk youth ages 11–18. We
have also included advice throughout this workbook on how New Insights policies and
procedures could be adapted for a school-based setting. The New Insights Mentoring
Program is meant as an example only and any resemblance to an actual program is purely
Section 1. Organizational Background
This section will help you organize essential information about your program and
organizational or school setting. This information is important because it helps to define
and outline the core structure of your program. If you consolidate these documents into
your policy and procedure manual, they will be easy to access and available for quick
Section 2. Program Policies
This section identifies core policies that should govern your mentoring program. Included
with each policy is a list of key questions that can guide you in creating your own policies,
as well as a sample that you can use as a model.
Section 3. Program Procedures
This section addresses the mentoring program procedures that operationalize your policies.
We have included sample procedures and forms for the primary operational components of
your mentoring program. Because your program’s procedures will likely differ from the
New Insights examples, we have included discussion of key concepts behind each
procedure and self-assessment questions to help you modify the examples.
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