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Policies And Procedures Template 3
This first section of your policy and procedure manual should provide a clear picture of your
mentoring program’s (and your parent agencys) history, mission, vision, and overall
structure. This information will allow those who work with your agency to get an overall
sense of your organization and to better comprehend how mentoring fits into the framework.
This information is also useful for training staff and volunteers and in creating marketing
and promotional materials. In this section, you may also want to include any relevant
information concerning the specifics of your funding (for example, a government grant) and
how it is to be administered.
What to include in this section:
Organizational Information
Agency and Program History
Mission Statement
Vision Statement
Organizational Structure
Organizational Chart
List of Board Members (not included in this template)
Job Descriptions
Organizational Documents
Agency Bylaws (not included in this template)
501(c)3 Letter (not included in this template)
Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s)
Relevant Grant and Contract Documents or Other Agency Agreements (not included
in this template)
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