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Policy Brief Template Word
In this section, go into detail about the current policy. Everything you can think of about the current
policy from its origin to its effects. Don’t be afraid of how long the section turns out. The goal is to provide
a thorough understanding of the current policy.
Statement of Purpose
Why should Senate consider a policy change at this time Does the issue lie within our mission as the voice of
Students on Academic Issues Explain how the policy issue pertains to the academic culture of the University
and its impact on the quality of our degree.
Current Policy
What are we currently doing, why are we doing it this way, what is the general student opinion of the
policy Assess how well it is or is not working. Key thing is to have detail. Be meticulous, quote heavily, if it
fits, include the policy itself.
Necessity for Change
What circumstances have changed that make a new approach advisable or necessary For example,
has technology changed, changing the way instruction works
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source: utsenate.org
Policy Brief Template Word