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Policy Decision Memo Template Word
Policy Decision Memo Template Word
Template revised 7-25-2016!
To: President Napolitano
From: [Insert Division Head’s Name and Title]
Date: [Insert Date]
Subject: [Insert Subject]
Following Presidential decision, please return to UCOP Procurement, 1111 Franklin, 9313
The Decision Memo should be drafted by the requestor and submitted through the approval
process with the “Request for Approval of Contractors and Consultants” form. The Division
Head should fill in the Recommendation section, as noted below.
Please note that Presidential approvals reflect budgetary spending only. Procurement
protocols must be observed to comply with UC Policy.
[This is a template for decision memos submitted to the President. The memo should include
each of the bolded sections. Ideally, the memo should be 3-5 pages, although, depending on the
complexity of the issue, may be longer. Each memo should include a signature page for the
President to indicate her decision. The signature block should come at the end and should be on
its own page. A model of the signature page is included.]
Summary: [In this section, which should be 3-5 sentences, provide a summary of the issue at
hand, the decision points, and the recommended course of action.]
Background: [In this section, provide the necessary background and context of the matter.]
Discussion/Analysis: [In this section, provide a discussion and analysis of the matter giving rise
to a decision point or points and anything the President needs to know about the matter.]
Options: [In this section, provide the options for the decision point or points. This should cover
the pros and cons of each option, including the likely reaction among key partners and
stakeholders (e.g., the Regents, the chancellors, faculty, students, and staff) to adopting each
option and any significant budget considerations.]
Recommendation: This section to be finalized by Division Head
[In this section, indicate which option you recommend the President approve and why you
support that option over the others. This section should include discussion of what external or
internal engagement, if any, is recommended prior to, or following, the decision issuing.]
Explanation: This section to be finalized by Division Head
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Policy Decision Memo Template Word