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Policy Procedure Template Word
All successful companies function effectively because of their established policies and
procedures. Just as in any company, growth and profitability are unachievable unless
all employees from the Board of Directors, to the Supervisors, to the Employees are
monitoring and adhering to the established policies and procedures. Those
individuals/employees who are unable to abide by these policies and procedures will
impact the overall success of the company.
The following pages will provide you with a template to be used when developing or
revising your company’s Policy and Procedures Manual with your students. The
template details expectations and work processes that are to be included within a
Simulated Workplace setting.
Please keep in mind that each policy may be re-worded to meet specific training
program needs. Additional policies and procedures may also be added to the
company’s manual.
*If a company has developed the Policy and Procedures manual in a prior year, time
should be given during the first two weeks to go over the manual and discuss the
potential changes.
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Policy Procedure Template Word