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Policy Procedure Template Word
Job Descriptions
- Each position shall have a written job description. In general, the description will include the:
purpose of the position, areas of responsibilities, immediate supervisor(s) or foremen, qualifications
required, and working conditions affecting the job (e.g., standing long period of time, heavy lifting,
etc.). The supervisor shall have discretion to modify the job description to meet the needs of
Example Job Descriptions:
- The following examples are to be used as a guide for creating job descriptions. All wording can be
changed to meet specific program requirements and responsibilities. Each student entering a
Simulated Workplace site is required to receive a job description, in addition to the job description
being placed into their student file.
- The following examples are for Foremen/Managers and can be changed to Assistant
Foremen/Mangers or Team Members of a specific function.
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source: wvde.state.wv.us
Policy Procedure Template Word