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WXY Company Limited
High Street
Telephone : 01234567899
The Directors
Widgets Limited
New Street
15 November, 2016
Dear Sirs
Re: Overdue Account - £752.69
I am disappointed to note that we have still not received payment of the overdue amount
on your account. We have written to your accounts department but have not yet
succeeded in receiving payment.
Our company strive to provide a combination of value for money and an efficient service
to all our customers and this can only be achieved if all our customers pay their accounts
on time.
I would be grateful if you would look into the non-payment of the overdue amount on the
attached statement. If there is any reason for non-payment please let me know,
otherwise we would greatly appreciate your immediate settlement.
Thank you for your help with this matter.
Yours faithfully
Enc: Statement
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Positive Credit Reference Letter