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Power Electronics Resume
Power Electronics Resume
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314-554-6655 1234 E Apple Street, Tempe, AZ 85261 findme@gmail.com
Electrical Power and Energy Systems graduate with a focus on distribution and transmission. Interested in a career as
an Electronics Application Engineer. Previous internship experience in semi-conductor manufacturing and have an in-
depth knowledge of:
• Power Electronics Design
• Power Stage & Controller
• Trouble Shooting Electrical Systems
• Power Economic Dispatch
Master of Science Computer Science Expected May 2015
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ GPA 3.8 / 4.0
Bachelor of Technology in Production Engineering GPA 7.5/10 (3.6/4.0) May 2012
Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune, India
R&D Manufacturing Intern Jul 2010 Sep 2010
Shanghai Electric Machinery Co., Ltd Shanghai, China
Assembled components in a synchronous motor to understand manufacturing process and debugging techniques
Utilized circuit layouts to solder circuit boards for later assembly.
Exceeded daily production standards and asked to help train others in the process and techniques.
Collaborated with design engineers supporting Response for Proposals (RFPs) for improving customer
Power Electronics Design Modeling & Simulation Project Spring 2013
Designed . . . . use technology descriptive words and tools when telling the reader what YOU did
Developed . . .
Utilized . . .
Project # 2 Fall 2012
Lead . . . .
Designed and developed . . .
Fabricated . . . and delivered . . .
Project #3 Fall 2012
Performed quality control tests utilizing ANOVA and F Test statistics
Improved performance of code base by . . .
Software: xxx, xxxx, xxxxx
Concepts: xxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx
Tools: xxxx, xxxx, xxxx
Courses: Advance Power Electronics, Electric Power Devices, Power System Analysis, Power Electronics,
Electric Power Plant, xxxx
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Power Electronics Resume