Powerpoint Travel Brochure - Free Download
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Powerpoint Travel Brochure
Powerpoint Travel Brochure
Your printer might not print
the same way our printers
do, so make sure to try a
couple of test prints. If things
aren’t aligning quite right,
experiment with the Scale to
Fit Paper setting. It’s located
in the Print dialog – just click
Full Page Slides to get to it.
And did you notice we made
fold marks for you They are
really light, but if you don’t
like them showing on your
brochure, click View, Slide
Master, and delete them
before you print.
Customizing the
The placeholders in this
brochure are formatted for
you. If you want to add or
remove bullet points from
text, just click the Bullets
button on the Home tab.
If you need more
placeholders for titles,
subtitles or body text, just
make a copy of what you
need and drag it into place.
PowerPoint’s Smart Guides
will help you align it with
everything else.
Want to use your own
pictures instead of ours No
problem! Just click a picture,
press the Delete key, then
click the icon to add your
If you replace a photo with
your own and it’s not a
flawless fit for the space, you
can crop it to fit in almost no
time. Just select the picture
and then, on the Picture
tools Format tab, in the Size
group, click Crop.
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Powerpoint Travel Brochure