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Pre Construction Conference Minutes
Pre Construction Conference Minutes
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Mount Rainier National Park, Pierce County, Washington, Paradise,
Contract No. 1443C8000060901
Rehabilitate Failing Structural Components of Paradise Inn and Annex - MORA 006215 and
Replace Jackson Visitor Center and Rehabilitate the Upper Parking Lot - MORA 016396
The Preconstruction Conference for the project listed above, was held on Wednesday, May 31,
2006, starting at 9:10 a.m., at Mount Rainier National Park, Paradise Guidehouse basement.
An agenda and list of preconstruction conference subjects was distributed via email prior to the
meeting and printed copies were available at the meeting. Copies of the final conformed contract
documents with solicitation amendments incorporated were made available to the contractor
prior to the meeting.
The list of attendees is attached to the end of this document.
Mr. Dave Uberuaga, Superintendent, welcomed everybody to the meeting. He then turned the
meeting over to Mr. Brian Lippert, Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR).
All parties introduced themselves and each stated his or her role in this project.
The meeting agenda (Preconstruction Conference Subjects) was introduced and the subjects were
discussed in order (see attached copy).
The following items were emphasized or received additional discussion:
Contracting Officer’s Line of Authority: It was emphasized that only the Contracting
Officer (CO), Mr. Rod Keiscome, may approve changes to the contract drawings and/or
specification, issue Change Orders, issue CO Directives, enter into supplemental
agreements, make adjustments to the contract price and/or time for completion, issue
orders to suspend or resume work, or any changes that would be contractual in nature.
Additionally, the Roles and Responsibilities of the COR and the CO were discussed.
The meeting was turned over to the park to provide the Rules and Regulations of the Park.
Mr. Uberuaga introduced Mr. Ed Dunlavey who then provided the medical emergency
contacts and processes. Specifically mentioned were:
Emergency Services/Search and Rescue.
Ambulances and EMT are in the Park
911 does work. Park Dispatched & transport (visiting public or construction). 911 is
a land line (phone). The payphones in the slate tunnel and Inn can get out, the phone
in the Guidehouse, Visitor Center, and inside buildings work. The 911 hours of
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Pre Construction Conference Minutes