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Pre Construction Minutes
Pre Construction Minutes
Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc., 12 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 2088, Mankato, MN 56001-7787
SEH is 100% employee-owned | | 507.388.1989 | 877.316.7636 | 888.908.8166 fax
Madison and Ballantyne Lakes Wastewater
Collection System Project
Date of Meeting:
February 25, 2014
Lake Washington Sanitary District
Project Manage
Charles J. Vermeersch, PE
Time of Meeting:
10:00 a.m.
SEH No.:
LWSSD 115377 14.00
Location of Meeting:
Mankato Regional Airport
The following items are to be discussed at the above referenced meeting:
I. Introductions
II. Project Schedule
A. Status of Contracts – Contracts are signed
B. Notice to Proceed – has been issued
C. Start Date – weather dependent
D. Weekly Work Schedule/Daily Work Schedule – see item V below
E. Status of Permits
1. MPCA Sewer Extension - received
2. NPDES Stormwater Permit for Construction – Contractor to file online
3. MDH Project-wide variance for use of HDPE - received
4. MnDOT ROW Permit – received
5. Blue Earth County ROW Permit - received
6. City of Madison Lake ROW Permit – we believe it will be issued the week of March 2, 2014
7. DNR License to cross Public Waters (6) – in progress, have been given permission to proceed
8. DNR License to cross Public Lands (1) – in progress,
9. USACE Wetland Permitting – non-reporting
F. Easements
1. Easements for mainline forcemain have all been obtained
2. Construction easements and shared service line easements still in progress
III. Completion Dates
A. Substantial Completion: November 21, 2014 – per contract
B. Final Completion: June 30, 2015 – per contract
IV. Construction Staking and Control
A. 48-hour Notice – Coordinate through Al Hahn (SEH RPR)
B. Protect Stakes and Survey Control
V. Work Schedule/Sequence
A. As submitted by contractor – reviewed at precon – revised as needed
1. Contractor would like to begin with water crossings but start date will be weather dependent.
Can work down to about 25 degrees, but may need to wait until snow melts.
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Pre Construction Minutes