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Pre Disciplinary Meeting Notice Template
To: <employee name>
CC: Official Personnel File
From: <supervisor name>
Date: <date>
Re: Pre-Disciplinary Meeting Notice
I am considering placing you on written warning for the following violations on your
violation of < IS->, <name of policy>
violation of <IS or employee handbook #>,
Which states: <cite from employee handbook>.
On < >, it was reported ___________________ (document pertinent facts that
demonstrate the employee violated policy).
You have been counseled regarding < >. (Include if appropriate).
In accordance with CNM Employee Handbook, Section 9.03, Item D., which states,
"In no case shall disciplinary action take place without first giving the employee an
opportunity to explain or justify the conduct in question," this meeting will take place
on <month, day, year and time> in conference room < >, with < >, Human
Resources Representative, and me.
If you choose not to attend this pre-disciplinary meeting, I will notify you in writing as
to my final decision.
Receipt Acknowledged/Date:
Employee Signature/Date:
Supervisor Signature/Date:
Witness Signature/Date:
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Pre Disciplinary Meeting Notice Template