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Presentation Agenda Template
Presentation Agenda Template
State of Ohio CSP907316 Personnel or Professional Search Services for the State Superintendent of Public
The presentation will be strictly timed as follows:
2:15 pm 3:00 pm Presentation
3:00 pm 3:15 pm Questions and Answers
The room has a computer hookups, internet availability, projector and screen.
Offeror presentations shall be 45 minutes in length. No questions will be asked during this presentation as there will
be 15 minutes after the presentation for any questions from the State Board of Education members. Please time
your presentation carefully as we will stop you at 45 minutes in fairness to the other groups
The members of the State Board of Education were not on the evaluation committee of the submitted proposals.
Therefore many of the evaluation criteria for the oral presentation duplicate criteria in the written proposals. Offeror
may utilize materials from its proposal, tailored to this group. It is expected that some written materials will be
prepared for the oral presentations; however the group does not need a copy of the Offeror’s complete proposal.
The following table details the evaluation criteria for the presentations.
Offeror Profile
1. Give the background of your firm including your history of working on similar projects
and other relevant experience.
2. Discuss previous searches of a similar nature. Give details of size and scope, along
with the dates of the search.
Staffing Plan
1. Detail the relevant experience of your proposed Project Manager. Provide resume.
2. List other projects currently in progress at your firm.
Work Plan
1. Present a proposed timeline with specific dates and tasks.
2. Create a table listing your firm’s proposed responsibilities in one column and the
proposed responsibilities for the State Board of Education in a second column.
3. Does your firm have some proposed selection criteria for this search already
developed If so, please give an example. What is your detailed process to develop
new criteria
4. Who specifically does your firm see as stakeholders in this search What specific ODE
staff members do you propose for input on the process
5. How do you propose getting input from stakeholders and staff Be specific.
6. Present a proposed advertising plan. The State Board of Education expects the search
to be advertised in both educational venues and non-educational national venues.
7. How do you screen the candidates
8. How many candidates do you propose submitting to the State Board of Education
9. Describe your role in the interview and selection process.
10. Describe your firm’s process to maintain confidentiality of candidate information. At
what point in the process are records made public
Total possible points = 100
The Question and Answer period following the presentation may concern the Topics for Presentation or
other questions regarding your proposal.
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Presentation Agenda Template