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Evaluation Form for Presentation
Presentation Evaluation Form 3
Presentation Evaluation Form
Presentation Grade [5= Excellent (A); 4 = Good (AB); 3 = Satisfactory (B); 2 = Some problems
(BC); 1 = Many problems (C); 0 = Did not present (F); NA= not applicable]:
Presenter(s): _____________________________________________________________
Topic: __________________________________________________________________
____1. Introduction: Did the introduction capture your interest Was necessary background
given Was a clear purpose conveyed
___2. Organization: Was there a clear organization Were transitions between sections clear and
effective Did the organization lead to a clear conclusion
___3. Content: Did the speakers support their points Was the supporting material relevant, up to
___4. Visual Aids: Were visual aids used effectively and appropriately, carefully prepared
___5. Conclusion: Were key points reinforced Was a sense of closure provided If appropriate,
was a course of action proposed
___6. Delivery
: Was/were the speaker(s) natural, enthusiastic Did they speak clearly Were
appropriate gestures, posture, expressions used
___7. Discussion: Were questions answered accurately, clearly, effectively
___8. General Comments (use back):
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Evaluation Form for Presentation