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Printable Recommendation Letter For A Friend For College
Mr. Jack Smith
255 West 24th Street,
NY - 10025
March 17, 2013
To Whom It May Concern:
It is an absolute honor to write this scholarship recommendation letter for Adam Slate. I have had the privilege of knowing
Adam since college and we have been the best of friends for over five years.
I met Adam in our freshman year at the XYZ College. Since, we both had opted for the undergraduate degree in Fine Arts, we
came to be in the same class.
The first time I actually had a proper conversation with Adam, was during a class when we were being taught about visual arts
and its evolution. He had something to contribute during the class, and I was impressed by his knowledge about the subject.
Soon, we were the only two students who were exchanging our ideas with the professor.
Even though we started out as cordial acquaintances, we were drawn to similar ideologies pertaining to art. We exchanged
notes and worked on projects together. We enjoyed our brainstorming sessions so much that, we decided to become
roommates during our second year.
As I got to know Adam better, I realized how hardworking he actually is. I have seen him studying and making notes from
books which were beyond our curriculum and adapting those concepts into his own work. I must add that, had it not been for
him I wouldn't have fared half as well as I actually did. Adam's diligence and out-of-the-box thinking, inspired me to do the
same and come up with my own ideas. Since fine arts is such a competitive domain, it was not an easy task to create a piece
of art that could be deemed as your own. However, with Adam's help and guidance we excelled as a team.
Adam also persuaded me into getting a part-time job, even though I wasn't in need of one. We constantly competed with one
another in order to avoid becoming lethargic and stagnant. We used to start our day by playing basketball and whenever we
go the time, we would play chess.
He is also the most unselfish person I have ever had the fortune to meet. There have been innumerable instances, when he
has canceled his prior plans, in order to look after me when I was unwell or down with a fever. I have also witnessed him
buying food for the homeless on number of occasions, even when he himself was low on cash.
All in all, Adam is one of the most honest and down-to-earth person I have ever befriended. He is a dynamic student, who is
bound to bring innovative ideas onto the table.
I also remember, how Adam always made sure that his grades stayed up, so that he could complete his master's degree from
the prestigious ABC institute. Based on his academic performance as well as the wonderful person he is, I genuinely believe
that Adam Slate is a suitable candidate for the ABC scholarship program.
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Printable Recommendation Letter For A Friend For College