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Amanda Ambani
0412 345 678
+61 3 9905 4170
Academic Employment Teaching and Research
07/2009 03/2014 Tutor
Department of Social and Political Inquiry, Monash University
Taught Introduction to Sociology and Methods of Social Research to first-year level
students for two semesters
Co-designed a new course structure with a redistribution of classroom and home
based learning in a time of funding cuts from administration
Devised and implemented learning objectives, lesson plans and activities to meet
Delivered a high quality learning experience to students which was met with
consistently positive feedback by independent Faculty evaluation
07/2011 01/2012 Research Assistant to Professor J. Blank
Department of Social and Political Inquiry, Monash University
Investigated the effect of prevention programs on the child rearing and disciplining
behaviour of specific populations
Conducted evaluations at sites in the inner metropolitan areas of Melbourne
Prepared appropriate questionnaire and interviewed participants
Employment History General
09/2009 01/2010 Marketing Assistant
SELL Solutions Pty Ltd, Adelaide
Conducted statistical testing of product receptivity in pre-defined markets
Assisted in the design of market research survey
06/2008 09/2009 Sales Assistant
Orb Duty Free, Adelaide
In store sales of duty free items - ranging from electrical to cosmetic and alcohol
(Forthcoming) Ambani, A. "Bosnian Immigrants and the Sociology of Race and
Ethnicity: Limits of the Assimilation Perspective", in
Australian Journal of Social
Issues 2014
Ambani, A. "Sociology for a New Age" in
Sociology for a New Millennium:
Challenges and Prospects
, M. Collin, L. Terry and S. R
ussell eds., pp.200-239,
Melbourne University Press
, 2013
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