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Professional Work Resume Template
Name (as it will appear on the resume):
Mailing Address (Street and Number):
City, State, Zip:
E-mail Address (needs to be professional):
Phone Number (needs to have some type of voice mail):
1.1 | Contact Information
Career/Education Summary (Usually 3-5 sentences or bullet statements that show core areas of expertise, indicate
a career direction, and begin to describe unique qualications that meet your hiring audience’s needs. Start by review-
ing 3-5 job postings that interest you and then highlight the core areas of expertise you have that are required by these
jobs. Use these terms as a foundation for your branding section)
Key Skills/Knowledge/Expertise (Again, using real job listings, develop a list of key terms of additional skills,
knowledge, and/or expertise that t your career goals and direction. Shoot for a list of 9-15 items)
1.2 | Branding Section
Exact Degree Title:
Exact Major(s): Exact Minor(s):
Projected Date of Graduation:
Cumulative GPA: Major GPA:
Achievements (Honors, Awards, Scholarships, Research):
Leadership/Activities (Leadership roles, Activities, Signicant Projects):
Study Abroad/Fellowship/Internships:
Most Relevant Coursework (9-15 courses):
*repeat above as needed for additional degrees
1.3 | Education Credentials
Step 1 | Complete a Career Profile
The idea of a career profile is to gather as much content as possible for use in crafting your resume. Don’t worry
with any format/design concerns and don’t focus on your word choice for now. Just work on collecting as much
factual information about yourself as possible.
complete a career profile
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Professional Work Resume Template