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Professional Work Resume Template
Take a look at the principles below to give your document effective format and design. Format has to do with the
way your information is organized, while design deals with the many elements that will give your resume visual
appeal. Format and design choices should be intentional and speak to your hiring audience. We like to use the
word principles rather than rules because resume writing is a subjective process and many opinions exist. Our
advice is to always consider your hiring audience first and then utilize resume guides for tips and examples of
how the professional resume is created.
Principle #1 - Resume length.
Consider limiting your resume to one page if you can describe your relevant and persuasive content within that
frame. If you have a lot of content or you’re a seasoned professional with years of experience, you may need
more than one page. What you don’t want is a partial page as this communicates an inability to be concise or
that you lack content.
Principle #2 - Eye catching name and contact information.
You want your name and contact information to get your readers’ attention and be easy to read. However, try to
avoid using large graphics, photos, and gaudy font color.
Principle #3 - Start your resume with a branding section.
A branding section should come after your name and contact section. The focus should be on how you meet
your hiring audience’s needs in dynamic and concise language. The top third of your first page is critical in
getting your reader’s attention and encouraging them to read the rest of your resume. There are many ways to
construct a branding section but a proven method is to include a narrative summary of your career/preparation
and a list of core competencies/knowledge/skills.
Principle #4 - Follow your branding section with an education section.
For an upcoming graduate or recent graduate, it’s best to follow your branding with education rather than expe-
rience. Even if you have significant experience, listing the education section first gives context to your present
Principle #5 - For experience use a reverse chronological format.
For the vast majority of resumes, an experience section listed in reverse chronological format will work best. You
may choose to have two experience sections, one with related experience that highlights your relevant skills and
accomplishments. The second experience section will show additional employment history that may not be as
Other sections you might include in your format:
1. Research
2. Internships
3. Volunteer Work
4. Leadership
5. Laboratory Skills
6. Publications
7. Professional Memberships
8. Presentations
Step 2 | Build your Document Structure: Format and Design
build your document structure
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Professional Work Resume Template