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Professional Work Resume Template
Sans Serif: Serif Font:
Calibri Trebuchet Garamond Century Schoolbook
Tahoma Georgia Palatino
Lucida Sans Myriad Pro (Mac Native) Book Antiqua
Minion Pro (Mac Native)
2.1 | Suggested fonts
Design Elements
Design can give your resume instant visual appeal and is critical in getting your readers’ attention. Design in-
cludes a cohesive strategy that seeks to maximize the use of font size and type, borders, margins, color, head-
ings, white space, graphics, shading and other elements. All the design choices are in service of your hiring
audience’s preferences. So, consider the industry, company culture, and type of position you’re targeting.
Principle #1 - Dene your container rst.
We suggest you define your document margins to be ½ inch to no more than ¾ of an inch all around the docu-
ment with even borders. The reason is that you will need plenty of space to add content that is specific enough
to be meaningful and not feel too crowded or text heavy. Many resumes with wide margins often have bullet
statements that are too short or general and simply do not add any value for the hiring audience in terms of spe-
cific skills or results.
Principle #2 - Select a font and font size.
For the main body of your resume, you will want to use a sans- serif font. These fonts are easier to read on a
computer monitor or tablet device where your resume will likely be read first. You might consider a serif font for
your name or headings but keep in mind that some fonts don’t work well together and that certain fonts may not
fit the message you’re communicating to your audience.
Start with a font size of 11 point for your main body and 16-24 point for you name. Be careful not to use too
many font sizes which will give your resume a cluttered look.
Insider Tip: You can choose from thousands of fonts. Just remember to save your final resume file as a
document file and also as a PDF before submitting your resume. Always submit the PDF version of your re-
sume unless directed otherwise. Saving as a PDF “bakes” the fonts you use into the document so it doesn’t
matter if the recipient has those fonts on their machine or not.
Principle #3 - Use color effectively.
When deciding whether to use color or not, you should first think about the position, company and industry.
Consider the world we now live in with graphics, color, photos and videos. This is a very visually rich environ-
ment and black text on a white background has considerably less visual appeal. Think about using color for your
name, headings and bullet symbols as a subtle way to add visual interest without overwhelming the content.
3 Samples to Consider:
1. RGB= 32, 73, 125 Blue (Conservative, Calming, Stability)
2. RGB= 55, 121, 52 Green (Growth, Environment, Freshness)
3. RGB= 148, 54, 52 Red (Energy, Excitement, Risk)
Insider Tip: In Word, from the “Home” tab, click the “Font Color” drop down tab and choose “More Colors”.
From there, choose “Custom Colors” and enter the RGB values.
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Professional Work Resume Template