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Professional Work Resume Template
Principle #4 - Use white space.
Make sure you use white space effectively to enhance the readability of your document. Ample white space be-
tween sections will keep your resume from looking too text heavy and crowded. White space allows your read-
er the visual space to pause and process your information. Too much white space will give the impression that
you’re lacking in related skills and experience.
Principle #5 - Apply style to your text in a consistent manner.
Use bold, underlined, or italicized fonts and indent your text in consistent ways to add emphasis and improve
the readability of your resume. All caps, horizontal lines, borders and tables can also be used to highlight your
Principle #6 - Use bullet point symbols.
Bullet symbols are a great way to highlight content in your resume such as achievements or other items that
might be in a short list. You don’t want all of your text to be bulleted though as this will diminish the effect and
the resume will lose readability and sense of flow. You can use the “bullet” drop down box in the Paragraph tab
in Word to help keep your use of bullets consistent. Additionally, you can choose to use the “Wingdings” font to
use other bullets and manually manage your spacing.
Diamond Bullet
Box Bullet
Diamond Dot Bullet
Principle #7 - Avoid Widow and Orphan Lines.
Although you will not have large blocks of text, you still want to eliminate any widow or orphan lines on your
resume. In the typesetting and publishing world, a widow line is a line of text at the end of a paragraph that
begins on a new column or new page. An orphan line occurs when the beginning of a paragraph appears on one
column or page with the rest of the paragraph on a separate page. Although you won’t likely have multiple text
columns on your resume, the same principle applies. You don’t want to have one-word or two-word lines be-
cause this wastes valuable space on your resume that you need to be using for relevant and persuasive informa-
tion. Consider reworking your text so that you’re not wasting valuable space.
build your document structure
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