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Professional Work Resume Template
Sample #1
C++, Perl, Object Oriented Design/Development, Windows, Unix
Information systems graduate with four years of programming and application development experience. Skilled
in creating error-free programs and identifying and solving system problems. Software design and development
in C++, C, Java, Perl, and PHP in Windows, UNIX and Linux.
Core Strengths:
System Analysis and Design Program Logic Development Database Design
Web Design and Development User Training Software Testing
Sample #2
A self-motivated communicator who energizes teams and organizations to achieve positive public relations
using effective interpersonal communication skills, project management skills, and social media outreach
strategies. Strengthens client relationships through blogging, special event promotions, and engagement on
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
MicrosoftOfceandPublisher BasicHTMLskills PressReleases
Emmamarketingprogram APwritingstyle EventPlanning
FinalCutProvideoediting PublicSpeaking Photoshop
3.1 | Sample Branding Sections
Step 3 | Develop Your Content
Principle #1 - Create an effective branding section.
The modern professional resume includes a branding section rather than an objective statement. This is the most
important section of the resume and, unfortunately, is usually the most difficult to write. A well-written brand-
ing section includes a narrative summary of your career that describes your core areas of knowledge, skill and
expertise. The branding section also includes a listing of knowledge, skills and expertise that focuses the hiring
audience on some of the key reasons you meet their needs. Branding sections usually don’t need a heading and
may or may not use a branding title.
The difference between a branding section and its predecessor, the objective statement, is that the branding
section focuses more on how you meet the employer’s needs and the objective statement was more about you
and your career goals. Objective statements also lacked substance and failed to describe specific knowledge and
skills that are relevant to the hiring audience.
Insider Tip: If you’re struggling to put your branding section in to words, do a quick search and print 5
current job postings that fit your interests. Then highlight the skills/knowledge/expertise that you have that
match the needs of the job postings. Make sure you work these qualities into your branding section.
develop your content
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Professional Work Resume Template