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Progress Report Template
Progress Report Template
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Progress Report Template -
Text in italics is explanatory and should be deleted in completed documents.
Project Name Name of project and lead institution
Project Website URL of project website
Report compiled by Person responsible for producing and submitting report
Reporting period Dates covered by report (e.g. Mar-Sep 07)
Section One: Summary
Please provide a short overview (1-2 paragraphs) of project progress during this reporting period, which
could be disseminated to programme stakeholders.
Section Two: Activities and Progress
Report on activities as outlined in your work packages for the period covered by this report and describe any
changes to this, including the reasons for these. Do include any additional activities undertaken that are not
in your work packages, providing the background to their inclusion.
Section Three: Institutional & Project Partner Issues
Report on any changes or issues in your institutional context and/or any progress or issues with your project
partners (where applicable).
Section Four: Outputs and Deliverables
Are there any outputs or deliverables you would like to share (e.g. presentations, studies) Please describe,
provide URLs or attach documents etc.
Section Five: Outcomes and Lessons Learned
Outline any emerging outcomes or lessons, if any that have been learned during this reporting period that
could be passed on to other projects or JISC.
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Progress Report Template