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Progress Report Template
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Section Six: Evaluation
Provide brief details of progress in terms of the development and implementation of the project evaluation
plan. Detail any interesting findings or emerging evaluation issues of interest.
Section Seven: Dissemination
Report on any communication or dissemination activities with project stakeholders or the wider community
which have taken place during the reporting period. Attach or provide URLs for any relevant dissemination or
presentation materials. Include details of any publicity the project received during the reporting period.
Section Eight: Risks, Issues and Challenges
Report on any issues or problems that have impacted on the development and implementation of the project
during the reporting period. Detail what impact any issues may have on the achievement of project targets,
and set out how you plan to tackle these issues. Report on any unexpected project achievements. In this
section you can list whether there has been changes in risks, whether they have become issues and whether
new risks have been identified.
Section Nine: Collaboration and Support
What areas of work would you like to discuss with other projects
Is there anything that you would like advice and support on Do you have any specific training needs,
requests or suggestions for supporting workshops for the programme
Section Ten: Financial Statement
In this section you should detail the expenditure of the project so far. Against the budget headings you should
set out the expenditure for the reporting period, noting any significant over/under spend giving reasons for
this. You should also state the total expenditure to date against each budget heading. The table below is
designed to help this reporting process. Additional budget headings may be added to fit an individual
project’s budget. Projects may find it more appropriate to use a spreadsheet to report financial information.
Section Eleven: Next Steps
In this section you should very briefly list the activities planned and/ other information of relevance for the
next stage of the project.
Total Grant Duration of
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