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Project Action Tracking Template
Project Action Tracking Template
Hume City Council
Project Tracking for Greenhouse Action Plan
Greenhouse Action Plan Recommendation Responsibility Timeframe Measure Required Current Progress
1. Adopt a GHG reduction target of 10% on 2000 emissions
by end of 2010.
Council to adopt the the emissions reduction target Council June 2011 10% Emissions reduction Ongoing
2. Establish a GHG emissions tracking system
Utility Tracker to be installed to track emissions
Engineering, Information
Services, Finance
June 2009 Program installed and operating
Program has been installed.
Undertake energy data tracking, including the maintenance of
Utility Tracker
City Governance Ongoing Data recorded in Utility Tracker Not started
Retrofit projects and new buildings to incorporate installing
smart metering devices where appropriate
Projects & Contracts,
Sustainable Environment
July 2009
No. of Meters installed and data
Not started
AusFleet continue to be used to track and analyse fleet and
plant use emissions for efficiency opportunities. (Carbon
Navigator and Utility Tracker)
Services - Fleet Ongoing
System measuring emissions and
Currently ongoing
Carbon Navigator to be used to track Action Plan progress,
amount of emissions reduction compared to footprint
Sustainable Environment Ongoing Program installed and operational
Program has been installed.
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Project Action Tracking Template