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Project Evaluation Goal Plan
Project Evaluation Goal Plan
Evaluation Plan Template
July 2013
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Description of Evaluation Plan Template:
Program evaluation of policy, system and environmental change strategies is crucial to help understand the
impact and implementation of this work. The guidelines below outline the components that should be in any
evaluation report.
1) Program Overview: After reading this overview, the reader can understand the context of the strategy
evaluated. Provide a description of the strategy evaluated, its goals and objectives, and a logic model in
words if you have one. Please include a graphic logic model in an attachment to the report depicting
linkages between activities and outcomes.
2) Summary of evaluation questions and methods: Provide a description of your evaluation questions, the
intended use of the evaluation, the performance measures used, the methods used to collect the data, and
the data analysis process.
3) Key findings, Achievements and Lessons Learned: Provide key findings, achievements, and lessons
learned from the evaluation. Please highlight the important information about the results of the
evaluation and illustrate what the strategy achieved such as who the strategy reached and/or affected and
in what ways. Please highlight key successes and wins of the strategy as well as key lessons learned
from the process of conducting activities of the strategy and lessons learned when conducting the
4) Recommendations and Next Steps: The recommendations should address next steps for the strategy,
primarily focused around how to sustain or leverage the wins of the strategy. It may also offer ways to
capitalize on successes and wins found through the evaluation, or to address lessons learned in future or
ongoing activities related to the strategy.
5) Appendixes: You can also include additional tools that can facilitate clarity in your report. It can
include items such as: a table of contents to your appendix; your logic model if you have one; a copy of
your surveys/instrument(s); tables, charts, and figures; and an acronym list. Appendices are another
useful section to showcase items that supplement or complement the report.
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Project Evaluation Goal Plan