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Project Plan Template Excel
Project Planning Template 2
Project Workbook Information
Suggested Sheets for All Projects
Filling out the Data sheet completes the header portion of all remaining sheets in the project workbook.
The Project Minicharter sheet can be used as a charter for small projects or a summarization of a full charter for larger projects.
The Budget sheet allows you to track original budget, expenditures to date, and any cost variance.
The Issues Log sheet allows you to identify and monitor project issues (unplanned events that have happened).
The Roster sheet provides contact information for all those involved on the project.
The Resource Commitment Matrix sheet shows how many effort hours each person on the project has been allocated by month.
The Assumptions and Constraints sheet allows you to track project assumptions and constraints.
The Decision Log sheet allows you to track all major decisions made during the course of the project.
The project workbook allows project managers, team members, sponsors, and stakeholders to easily track and monitor project activities. Any of these
worksheets can easily be broken out into separate documents.
The Stoplight Report sheet contains a status report that can be used to keep sponsors, team members, and stakeholders informed of project
The Cost/Benefit Analysis sheet allows you to review the proposed project and potential alternatives and make a project selection based on
a greater ROI (return on investment).
The Risk Management Matrix sheet allows you to identify, qualify, quantify, and prioritize risks (events that might happen; the uncertainty
of a project), create mitigation and contingency plans, and assign risks owners.
The Action Items sheet allows you to track and monitor action items assigned to team members. Action items are tasks that must be done
but are too insignificant from a time perspective to track in your project schedule.
The Deliverable Milestones sheet allows you to identify major deliverable milestones and the due dates, objectives, assumptions, and
constraints relevant to that deliverable milestone.
The Work Breakdown Structure sheet includes the activities that must be completed during a project, the effort required, all relevant dates,
and the resources assigned to do the work.
The Roles and Responsibilities sheet shows the primary role of team members, any deliverables in which they are involved, and the
percentage of time they are expected to work on the project.
The Resource Assignment Matrix sheet shows you what type of resource is responsible for, or somehow involved with, each deliverable.
The tasks listed are samples; you should update the RAM with tasks appropriate for your project.
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Project Plan Template Excel