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Project Management Timeline
Project Planning Template 3
Project Management Planning
Project Plan Format
Initial Release 1.0
Date: January 1997
The Project Plan
The project plan forms the basis for all management efforts associated with the
project. A project plan template is included in this document.
The information contained in this plan is required for IT projects in varying
degrees. The actual plan items required are defined specifically in project
management policies. The exact format of the information may vary from the
template; however, the basic information is required as defined.
This plan template emphasizes documenting only the pertinent information
associated with the plan. The blank template for the project plan is provided in
Appendix B: Templates & Sample Forms.
The information associated with the plan evolves as the project moves through
its various stages and is updated as new information is determined about the
The plan does not require verbose textual content filled with boilerplate
material. Information associated with detailed procedures for executing such
processes as technical development, configuration management, and quality
assurance should be documented in the state organizationís procedures. For
example, the configuration management information contained in the plan
might reference a procedures document that defines the specific activities and
responsibility for each configuration item. The project plan only summarizes
who is responsible for the configuration management activities, what is under
configuration control, and where the repository will reside.
The project plan documents the project planning process and consists of the
following basic tasks:
Defining the sequence of tasks to be performed.
Identifying all deliverables associated with the project.
Defining the dependency relationship between tasks.
Estimating the resources required to perform each task.
Scheduling all tasks to be performed.
Defining the budget for performing the tasks.
Defining the organization executing the project.
Identifying the known project risks.
Defining the process ensuring quality of the project product.
Defining the process for configuration management.
Defining the process specifying and controlling requirements.
The plan documents and defines the objectives of the project, the approach to be
taken, and the commitment being assumed. The project plan evolves through
Project Management Methodology PM Planning Project Plan Format
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