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Project Proposal Form
Project Proposal Form
United Nations Voluntary Fund on Disability (UNVFD)
Project Proposal Application for Funding Form
(Maximum 6 pages)
To complete this section, please see instructions for the preparation of the Summary page:
a. Project title:
b. Name of implementing agent(s):
c. Project location:
d. Proposed starting date:
e. Project duration:
f. Amount requested from Voluntary Fund (US$):
g. Government inputs:
h. Implementing agent inputs:
i. Other donor inputs:
The Project Proposal Application for Funding Form has five sections:
I. Background and justification of the project
II. Objectives of the project
III. Expected results of the project
IV. Project implementation and management
V. Project budget
This section should provide a brief introduction to the current social and economic situation
related to the geographic region and beneficiaries of the project. The background should also
a. The problem or critical issue which the proposal seeks to resolve
b. How the proposal relates to other relevant national development strategies and policies
c. Whether there are other programmes and activities which will complement the proposal
d. How the need for the project was determined
e. How intended beneficiaries were involved in project identification and planning
f. What kind of assistance the concerned Governmental offices will provide
g. What kind of resources the Implementing Agency and other non-governmental
organizations will provide.
If a non-governmental organization has prepared the proposal, it is important to describe how
concerned Governmental officials were made aware of and/or were involved in project
Finally, the section should describe the relevant experience and capabilities of the project
Implementing Agent, and the type and level of resources that the Implementing Agent will
provide for project planning, implementation management and follow up.
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Project Proposal Form