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Project Scope
Project Scope
Project Scope
Project Name:
Project Manager:
1. Project Purpose Statement:
Describe the reason for the project. Please limit to two paragraphs.
A separate Business Case document is created which fully documents the project
feasibility study, explains reasoning and justification for the project in terms of the
evaluation methods utilised and the business benefits. Reference to this document
should be entered here.
2. Background:
Provide a description of the “history” of this project. Include any information on its
background that may be of importance to communicate in the context of this project.
Explain any changes to the external / internal environment.
Describe the existing impact (eg. on the business, on staff, customers, etc)
Explain why the status quo is changing (ie. What is the rationale for the project)
Describe in detail the circumstances driving the change.
3. Objectives:
Document the high level objectives of the project here. Note: the objectives must be
able to be related to the overall UWS strategic vision.
4. Key Stakeholders and Other Players:
Provide the details of the “players” within this project.
5. Organisational Requirements
Describe the University’s organisational, end user and customer requirements for this
6. Approach
Provide a description of how you intend to carry out and manage the project.
7. Timeframe & Milestones
Describe the overall timeframe for the main stages in the project, and the
milestones/checkpoints within each stage
8. Inclusions & Deliverables
What is deemed to be included in the scope of the project It is essential that items
appearing in this section are clear and unambiguous. Documenting specific inclusions
provides the ‘boundaries’ for the project scope.
9. Exclusions
Ensure that all items that are not within the project boundaries, that may otherwise
cause confusion by not being explicitly stated, are described here.
Such items may be within the scope of another stage or a related project.
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Project Scope