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Project Team Meeting Construction Minutes
A weekly construction progress meeting shall be scheduled by the Associate, or
University Project Administrator. For smaller projects, the frequency of the meetings
may be adjusted as applicable. The purpose of the meeting is to review progress in the
work during the previous week, discuss anticipated progress during the following weeks,
and review critical operations and potential problems.
The Associate, or University Project Administrator, will prepare a written report of each
progress meeting and distribute it to the Associate, the contractors etc. The report of the
following progress meeting shall reflect any exception made to the previous report if any
were submitted in writing.
The contractor and the Associate shall be represented at every progress meeting by a
person authorized with signature authority to make decisions regarding possible
modification of the Contract Documents.
Suggested Construction Progress Meeting Agenda
1) Pass around a sign in sheet or confirm attendees and note any Contractor or other
party not represented.
2) Review the previous meeting minutes and update status or respond to any pending
issues. (See attached Format)
3) Contractors should note their current total job staffing. (See attached form.)
4) Discuss problems, material delivery or shortages, site problems, shop drawing
submission and approvals, construction conflicts etc.
5) Review progress schedule. Identify causes of delay.
6) Discuss new business with each participant given opportunity to speak or indicate
no new business.
7) Discuss status of change orders in progress.
8) Contractor payment issues can be discussed in general, especially to verify the
monthly cycle of pencil copies and payment approvals.
9) University shall discuss coordination of University supplied equipment or staff
moves as it relates to renovation and occupancy.
10) Comments/Questions period.
11) Verify the time and place of the next meeting.
12) Adjourn to the job site or group meetings in order to review on-site or specific
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Project Team Meeting Construction Minutes