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Promotion Thank you Letter
Promotion Thank you Letter
Promotion Thank You Letter is an opportunity for the employee to sincerely and
briefly express the feelings of gratitude. Assure the company that you would
persistently work hard creating a win-win situation. Remember do not include
any bad experiences in a thank you note as they are referred for future
performance appraisal.
Managing Director,
Protext Software Solutions
Banjara Hills,
Respected Sir,
I am highly exultant to express myself on the deliverance of my promotion news
as a Company’s Human Resource Manager. I would like to thank you for
considering and analyzing my persistent efforts during the position of team
leader. This esteemed and influential reward has motivated me to continue
journey towards my destination.
On the other hand, this new position is an excellent opportunity for me that
would determinedly improve my skills and knowledge to become a growth
oriented person. Besides this, your support and direction has always been a
source of guidance towards the right path. I humbly request you to allow certain
positive changes in the company so that the rest of my colleagues could avail
the opportunities too.
I promise to fulfill my new responsibilities effectively. Thank you so much for
trusting on my capabilities.
Yours sincerely,
Manager Human resources,
Protext Software Solutions
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Promotion Thank you Letter