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emergency charges on Grijalva Realty’s credit card for any reason, there will be a
$25 service charge to the owner.
L. Should major repairs be necessary to a property during the duration of this
Agreement, a supervisory fee will be negotiated with Owner and Manager to cover
expenses of receiving numerous bids and coordinating work to be done.
M. Appliances and personal property included with the property.
Stove – gas or electric – make____________________
Refrigerator – yes or no – make____________________
Dishwasher – yes or no – make ____________________
Microwave – yes or no – make ____________________
Clothes washer- yes or no – make___________________ as- is - yes or no
Clothes Dryer- yes or no – make _____________________ as-is – yes or no
Garage door opener -yes or no – number of remotes ____
Other _____________________________________________________________________
This Agreement may not be modified unless such modifications are in writing and
executed by all parties to this Agreement.
If property is owned in an LLC, Trust or other entity, Owner has included a copy of
pertinent documents showing that the party signing this agreement is authorized to do
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement on the dates
above and below:
_____________________________________ ___________________________________________
Authorized signer Date Authorized signer Date
________________________________ _____________________________________
Printed Name Printed Name
_____________________________________ ___________________________________________
Social Security Number Social Security Number
_____________________________________ ___________________________________________
Statement Address Preferred Phone
_____________________________________ ___________________________________________
City, State, Zip Alternate Phone
____________________________________ ___________________________________________
Property Manager or Agent Date Owners’ Email
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