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Proposal for Architectural Services
1121 Eleanor Street, Knoxville, TN 37917
phone 865.603.4756
Construction Documents (CD)
Once preliminary pricing is received, the Owner may wish to adjust the project scope to satisfy budget and time constraints.
Changes are incorporated and the final design is detailed. The Architect will develop construction documents in accordance
with the building codes and zoning ordinances having jurisdiction. The Architect will decide which drawings are necessary
for construction. These may include:
Site plan Ceiling plans
Zoning and code information for permitting Door and window details
Demolition plans Materials and fixtures lists
Floor plans Construction details
Sections General notes
Interior and exterior elevations
Duration of CD phase: 4-5 weeks
Construction Administration
The Architect acts as the Owner’s advocate during construction by answering contractor questions, interpreting the
construction documents, and assisting with final product, material, and color selections.
CA phase lasts for duration of construction
Design Fee
The Architect’s fee is paid in three installments:
Initial payment due at contract signing
Design phase payment, due after pricing package is released
Construction drawing payment, due upon completion of CD phase
Total design fee
In addition to the services described above, the Architect’s fee includes eight hours of product selection assistance (can be used for
product and material research or shopping trips), two hours of paint color planning, and two hours of contractor evaluation time which
may include interviewing contractors with the Owner or meeting to discuss estimates.
During Construction Administration, most assistance by the Architect is provided remotely, via telephone and email. The Architect’s
fee includes up to three (3) site visits. Extra site visits will result in additional compensation due to the Architect (unless the site visit
is not requested by the Owner). Mileage for site visits outside of Knox County is treated as a reimbursable expense.
Additional services beyond those described above may be performed at the Owner’s written request.
This is a non-binding proposal and not a contract. More information about the design process and responsibilities of the Owner and
Architect will be set forth in a formal contract to be signed and dated by the parties before the project commences.
Thanks for the opportunity to propose services for your project. If you have any questions or comments
about this proposal, please contact Sara Martin at 865-603-4756 or
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Proposal for Architectural Services