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Proposal for Architectural Services
1121 Eleanor Street, Knoxville, TN 37917
phone 865.603.4756
Agreement between Owner and Architect
This agreement is made February 10, 2014 between
The Architect
Open Door Architecture
1121 Eleanor Street, Knoxville, TN 37917
The Owner
Jane and John Doe
123 Small Town Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37917
Project Summary
Design for renovation and addition at 123 Small Town Avenue to include master bedroom suite, laundry room, mudroom, and 2-car garage.
ODA Project #13013.
Project Scope
Architect’s Responsibilities:
The Architect will review the Owner’s scope of work, budget, and schedule to reach an understanding of the project requirements.
The Architect will field measure and document existing conditions as required.
The Architect will assist the Owner in determining what, if any, consulting services are required for the project.
The Architect’s work is comprised of five (5), sequential design phases which are described in the Proposal for Architectural Services,
Owner’s Responsibilities:
Provide full information about the objectives, schedule, and constraints of the project. The Architect may rely on the accuracy and
completeness of information furnished by the Owner.
Furnish information and decisions in a timely manner consistent with the project schedule.
Establish a budget with reasonable contingencies that meets project requirements.
Furnish consulting services not included in this contract and required for the project such as structural engineering, mechanical engineering,
surveying, geotechnical engineering, and environmental testing.
Employ a contractor to perform the construction work and provide cost-estimating services as required.
The costs associated with any structural modifications, redesign, or repairs required because of unforeseen conditions uncovered during
demolition or construction shall be the responsibility of the Owner.
For the purposes of this contract, the design schedule begins on the effective date of this agreement and ends upon delivery of final
construction documents to the Owner. As described herein, the Architect’s services may extend beyond this period.
The design schedule for the above mentioned scope is approximately ten weeks.
The Architect cannot be held accountable for delays to the design schedule caused by unforeseen conditions, regulatory reviews and
approvals, changes requested by the Owner beyond the scope of this contract, or other circumstances beyond the Architect’s control.
Compensation and Payments
The Architect’s compensation shall be $0,000.00 paid according to the following schedule:
The Owner shall pay the Architect an initial payment of $0,000.00 due upon contract signing.
$0,000.00 due upon completion of Pricing phase.
$0,000.00 due upon completion of Construction Documents phase.
Consultants: The Architect will assist the Owner in determining consulting services required for the project. Should a consultant’s work require
coordination with the Architect’s construction documents, such coordination will be performed by the Architect for an additional fee equal
to 15% of the consultant’s fee. Should the Architect hire a consultant on behalf of the Owner, the Owner will reimburse the Architect for the
expense incurred.
Additional services: At the request of the Owner, the Architect shall provide services not included herein for additional compensation. Such
services may include 3-D renderings or drawings beyond those necessary for design; meetings or letters for regulatory review; coordination
or review of changes in the work or contractors’ requests for substitutions of materials and systems; extra work required by signature design
features or specific products such as Ikea cabinetry; work performed for the purpose of obtaining design approval by historic overlay districts,
homeowners’ associations, neighborhood design guidelines, and other applicable regulations beyond standard zoning and code compliance; and
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Proposal for Architectural Services