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Radio Script Template Word
How to Write a Script for a Radio Ad
By Carl Hose eHow Contributing Writer
Things You'll Need:
Scriptwriting or word processing software
1. Step 1
Outline your radio commercial. You have a very short time to sell your
product. Write a strong opening hook. Starting the ad with a question is an
effective way of capturing the audience's attention, such as "Are you tired of
high gas prices" This immediately engages your audience. Note key selling
points in your outline, and include them in the finished script. Include contact
information at least twice in a 60-second radio spot.
2. Step 2
Write your script in the proper format. The name of the client should be
written at the top of the script, along with the name of the commercial spot
and the running time. Format your script into two columns. The left column
will be the source column (speaking characters primarily), and the right will
be the dialogue, action and sound effects.
3. Step 3
Understand radio ad conventions. SFX stands for sound effects. Write this in
the column in all capitals and underline it any time you have a sound you
want in your ad. Write the sound in the column of your script. Use ANNCR
any time the announcer is narrating. Use a double dash any time you want a
slight pause. Capitalize speaking characters in the left column, and write
their dialogue in the right column
4. Step 4
Focus your radio script to include a strong hook that attracts your audience's
attention, engage the listeners with an entertaining presentation and leave
them excited enough to go out and buy what you're selling.
5. Step 5
Time your script when you've finished writing it. If the script is supposed to
be 30 seconds, be sure it's exactly 30 seconds.
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Radio Script Template Word