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Raffle Control Sheet Template
American Cancer Society, Great West Division, Inc.
Compliance Regulations for Raffles
Washington State
Overview of Regulations:
Our license covers all raffles. There are strict reporting requirements that require full
documentation of raffle activities by staff and volunteers. The license does not cover gaming
such as poker and bingo.
Required Reporting:
Throughout Raffle:
§ Raffle income must be mailed to Seattle office with Washington State Submittal
Form(s). See page 3 for more details.
Post Raffle:
§ Washington State Raffle Summary Sheet
§ Washington State Raffle Winners Register
§ Merchandise Inventory Control Log
§ Ticket Distribution Log
§ Actual Winning Ticket Stub
Note: All tickets sold and unsold must be kept in ACS office storage for 4 years post raffle
All reporting items should be submitted to:
ACS Finance Department
Attn: Regulatory Compliance
2120 1
Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
Fax: 206-285-5108
Reminder Federal IRS Requirements
Federal IRS requirements apply to raffles with a prize valued greater than $600. Make sure to
review the Federal Reporting/Withholding Requirements posted within the raffle regulations
folder and be prepared to complete the procedures before releasing any prizes to the winner.
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source: relay.acsevents.org
Raffle Control Sheet Template