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Raffle Information Sheet Template
Eastern Oregon University has a Class B state raffle license, however, many regulations apply.
Raffles, like all fund-raising events require approval prior to conducting them.
According to Oregon Administrative Rule 137-25-310, the following information must be printed upon
each ticket sold or shall be otherwise provided to each purchaser at the time of ticket sale (via
A. The date and time of the drawing
B. The location of the drawing
C. The name of the organization conducting the raffle
D. The price of the chance
E. A full and fair description of the prize or prizes to be awarded
F. The retail market value of each prize to be awarded, and
G. The total number of tickets that may be sold
Since most clubs do not print special raffle tickets, it is required that you have on hand at all ticket
sale locations a flyer/poster listing the required information. The Center for Student Involvement can
assist you in developing and printing custom raffle tickets.
According to Oregon Administrative Rule 137-25-240, a report must be submitted after the raffle. The
raffle report form will include:
A. The total amount of proceeds received from the sale of tickets for each raffle
B. All expenses relating to the conduct of each raffle game (other than prizes)
C. Total amount of cash prizes awarded (cannot exceed $1500 per raffle)
D. Total cost of non-cash prizes awarded
E. The winning ticket stubs
Please provide the names, addresses, and signatures of the winners of the first three prizes. Also, all
prizes valued at $100 or more, the name, address and signature of the prize-winner must be
Any club found in violation of the aforementioned rules will be financially responsible for fines
incurred. Neither the Center for Student Involvement nor the Administrative Affairs Office will be
responsible for the fine.
The information on the raffle report is very simple and basic, and very necessary if we are to maintain
our ability to conduct raffles. If your club is planning to conduct a raffle, please contact the Center for
Student Involvement for the required forms and assistance.
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Raffle Information Sheet Template