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Recruiting Strategies Template
Recruiting Strategies Template
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Steps in Developing a Recruiting Strategy:
Part 1 of 2
From time to time Ascentii Executive Placement Solutions selects whitepapers and articles
from external thought-leaders. This newsletter presents Recruiting Managers, Do You Really
Have a Recruiting Strategy” by Dr. John Sullivan published in on Monday,
November 15, 2004. More information on Dr. Sullivan’s work can be viewed at Dr. Sullivan is also the editor of VP of HR, an e-newsletter providing
"out of the box" solutions for senior HR managers. Free subscriptions can be obtained on his
When I meet with directors or managers of corporate recruiting, I routinely ask them a simple
question: "What is the name of your recruiting strategy"
Almost without fail, I get one of two basic responses, either, "We hire great people," or a just
blank look. The first is a horrible answer in that it's not really a recruiting strategy as much as
it is a goal or bland statement. It fails to identify where and when you recruit these "great
people," and how you identify them. It also provides no differentiation, because clearly no
organization (other than perhaps the DMV) starts out trying to hire "bad people."
The blank look is unfortunately the most common response. I used to be shocked when it
happened over and over, but I've grown accustomed to the fact that most recruiting
departments not only don't have a name for their strategy, they have no strategy at all. Keep
in mind that these are not line-level recruiters, but recruiting managers, the same individuals
who frequently exclaim in meetings that they want the recruiting function to be more
strategic. The simple fact is you can't be strategic without having a clearly defined strategy.
Now, I happen to think I know a little bit about strategy. As an advisor, I have helped design
strategies for a number of leading corporations in the area of human resources and staffing in
particular; I teach strategy to business students at the university level; and I have written a
book on HR strategy (Rethinking HR Strategy) that many business leaders have adopted as a
bible for new HR. All of my thoughts and knowledge on strategy were formed via observations
made during my three plus decades in human resources.
During this time I have been continually shocked by the number of recruiting professionals
Can't even define the term "strategy"
Don't know the available strategies in recruiting
Don't have a name for their own recruiting strategy
Don't know the steps involved in preparing a recruiting strategy
Have never written down their strategy so that others can follow it
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Recruiting Strategies Template