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Reference Letter From Principal
Reference Letter From Principal
Orange Count
Public Schools
445 West Amelia Street - Orlando. FL 32801-1129
To Whom it May Concern,
This reference letter is in support of Dr. John Edwards in his pursuit of the
superintendency of a school district. Dr. Edwards is a career educator that has distinguished
himself at all levels of his involvement.
I have known Dr. Edwards for approximately 15 years. I was familiar with his reputation
as a successful educator for slightly longer than that. His progression from the classroom to the
senior executive level of a large school district is a testament of his work ethic, intelligence, and
drive; characteristics that will serve him well at the next level.
Dr. Edwards was a successful principal at one of our larger high schools. I promoted
him to associate superintendent in the curriculum department. The move was made at a critical
period in the district's effort to turn around its low performing high schools. Dr. Edwards
developed a plan to improve reading in the lower quartile of students in that area. The positive
results from that intervention and other good work by him convinced me that he would be an
effective area superintendent supervising schools. Since that move, John Edwards has guided
his schools through ever changing standards and budget cuts. His leadership and insight was
valued throughout.
If selected as superintendent, you will get a no-nonsense leader with a sound
understanding of curriculum and instruction. You will have someone who is familiar with the
current issues surrounding education reform. Finally, you will have someone who believes in
public education and its value in today's society.
Ronald Blocker
"The Orange County School Board is an equal opportunity agency."
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Reference Letter From Principal