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References Template 2
References Template 2
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Your Name
Your full Address
City, State Zip Code
Email address
John Doe
Sunshine Recreation Center Operations Manager (Known since 2003, Former
100 Super Street SE, Moundsview, MN 55122
Phone: 763-555-5555
Big Boss
Owner/Operator; Little Toni’s Pizza Parlor (Known since 2001, Former
200 Park Blvd., Eagan, MN 55123
Phone: 651-555-5555
Dr. Nancy Kaye
Professor; Human Resource Development Department, University of Minnesota
(Known since 2003; received A’s in three classes)
128 Pleasant Street, 244 Appleby Hall, Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: 612-555-5555
References Template
Tips + Samples
References Page Tips
Keep to 1 page in length
Include 3-6 references
Include Name, Profession, Address, Phone, Email, Length and Nature of Relationship
Be sure to ask your references if they can provide you a strong reference
Let your references know when you are interviewing and for what type of position –
provide them with your resume and a copy of the job description if possible
Professional references include former supervisors, coworkers, professors, or
other people who can speak to your skills and employability
Bring your reference list with you to your interview – on professional resume
Thank your references for their help with a quick note
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References Template 2