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After the regular election day and after the election certificates are issued to the newly elected
trustees, but not later than the third Saturday in April, the trustees shall hold an organizational
meeting to choose a chairperson, who will serve until the next organizational meeting. They
shall also employ and appoint a competent person, not a member of the trustees, as the clerk of
the district.
A county high school district chooses a member of the board as secretary. Trustees of the
district, except the secretary of trustees of a high school district operating a county high school or
the secretary of a joint board of trustees, do not receive compensation for their services.
Members who reside over three miles from the meeting place shall, however, be reimbursed for
their travel to board meetings at the approved state rate. (20-3-311)
School district trustee positions will become vacant if a trustee dies, resigns, is no longer
registered to vote, moves from the district, fails to attend three consecutive meetings without a
good excuse, is absent from the district for 60 consecutive days, has been removed from office
under the provisions of 20-3-310, ceases to have the capacity to hold the office under any other
provision of the law, or when an elected candidate fails to qualify by receiving a certificate of
election and completing and filing the oath of office with the county superintendent.( 20-3-307)
FINAL BUDGET MEETING (20-9-115, 131)
A preliminary budget meeting is no longer required. Between July 24 and August 4 of each
year, notice must be published in the local or county newspaper stating the time and place that
the trustees will meet on the second Monday of August to consider and adopt the final budget,
that the meeting may be continued from day to day until the final adoption of the budget, and
that any taxpayer in the district may appear at the meeting and be heard for or against any part of
the budget. The trustees may continue the meeting from day to day, but will adopt the final
budget no later than the fourth Monday in August. (20-9-131)
In first class elementary districts, the trustees shall hold at least one regular meeting per month in
addition to the budget and organizational meetings. In other districts, regular meetings must be
held during the months of April, July, October, and January.
The trustees shall adopt a policy setting the day and time for the minimum number of regular
school board meetings, and any other regular meeting days the trustees wish to establish. Except
for a storm, fire, explosion, community disaster, insurrection, act of God, or other unforeseen
destruction or impairment of school district property, meetings must be conducted in
handicapped accessible school buildings or another handicapped accessible publicly owned
building in the district. Adequate notice must be given to allow the public time to participate.
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