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Remodeling Agreement
Company Name
123 Company Street Address Company City, State Zip
phone 555-555-5551 fax 555-555-5555
Remodeling Agreement
[Client Name] 15-Nov-16
[Client Address1]
[Phone #]
Nature of Project: ______________________________ Control # _______
Budget Range: _________________________________
Detailed Specifications of Remodeling: _________________________________________________________
[Your Company Name] will provide design services to develop conceptual plans for the above described
remodeling project. If the proposed work or nature of the design is changed after this initial agreement,
additional design and consultation fees will be charged, and a new proposal/agreement will be drafted; the
budget range will also be adjusted to reflect those changes in design.
The plans designed by [Your Company] are for the exclusive use of [Your Company]. [Your Company] will
not be held liable for use of these plans by any unauthorized third party, should the client decide to hire another
independent contractor to complete the work.
Design services will include one reworking of the initial conceptual plans at no additional expense. Upon
client’s acceptance of the design, up to five (5) blueprints and a detailed financial statement outlining materials
and labor will be provided. If the price is within the range of the proposed budget above, [Your Company] is
authorized to begin the remodeling.
The designs specified above will be developed for ______% of the final proposed cost.
Design rates are $______ per hour for Designer and $_______ per hour for Assistant(s).
Payments will be made according to the following schedule:
Non-refundable deposit due upon signing this agreement $___________
____% draw due upon ____% completion of remodeling. $___________
____% draw due upon ____% completion of remodeling. $___________
Balance due upon final completion and walkdown inspection by client. $___________
Respectfully Submitted by,
[Your Name, Position/Title]
I (we) hereby approve and accept the project specifications, financial amounts, terms and conditions, outlined above. I
(we) authorize [Your Company] to proceed with the work as specified and agree to make payment according to the above
______________________________ _____________________________
Client signature Date
______________________________ _____________________________
Client signature Date
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Remodeling Agreement