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16. Termination Upon termination of this agreement, Tenant shall vacate the premises, remove all personal property
belonging to him/her and leave the premises as clean as she/he found them, normal wear and tear and damage by
unavoidable casualty excepted, and return all keys to Landlord immediately upon vacating. The Tenant agrees that
any personal property left in or about the premises after the Tenant has vacated shall be considered abandoned
property, and the Landlord may sell or otherwise dispose of same without liability to the Tenant.
17. Permission for Landlord to Enter Unit
Tenant agrees to allow landlord or its agents to enter the dwelling upon
reasonable advance notice in order to inspect the premises, to exterminate for pests, to make repairs or to show the
premises to prospective tenants, purchasers, mortgagers or their agents. The Tenant will not be unreasonable in
denying entry. Landlord may also enter the premises without prior consent if it appears to have been abandoned by the
Tenant or in case of emergency, and as otherwise permitted by law or court order.
18. Maintenance of Dwelling The Landlord agrees to maintain the premises in a structurally sound condition and to
otherwise comply with an Owner's obligations under Article II of the Massachusetts State Sanitary Code. Substantial
violations of the State Sanitary Code shall constitute grounds for abatement of rent.
19. Destruction of Premises
If the premises are rendered uninhabitable by fire, flood or other natural disaster during the
term of this agreement, this agreement shall be thereupon terminated.
20. Notification of Termination
Landlord shall not terminate this lease except for serious or repeated breach
of tenant's obligations hereunder. In cases of nonpayment of rent, Landlord may terminate the tenancy by a 14-day
written notice to vacate. In all other cases, Landlord may terminate the tenancy by a 30-day written notice to vacate.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Landlord may immediately terminate this Lease for any act or conduct of the
Tenant, household member or guest which entitles the Landlord to evict or enjoin the Tenant under Massachusetts
General Laws, Chapter 139, Section19.
21. If any, they are attached, initialed and dated by both parties, and are a part of this lease.
22. Tenant agrees to obey the Rules and Regulations which are attached to this lease and made a part thereof, which
Landlord reserves the right to amend or supplement at any time.
23. No changes or additions to this lease shall be made except by written agreement between Landlord and Tenant. This
lease and any attachments represent the entire agreement between Landlord and Tenant.
24. WHEREFORE, We, the undersigned, agree to this Lease, by signing two copies (one to be kept by Tenant and one by
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
(signature) (signature)
_________________________ _________________________
(date of signature) (date of signature)
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
(signature) (signature)
_________________________ _________________________
(date of signature) (date of signature)
Tenant is encouraged to carry renters insurance on personal belongings
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