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{Template RFP - insert RFP title here}
1. Introduction
{Organization X} is requesting proposals for waste and recycling services. In addition to traditional
hauling, recyclables processing and disposal services, {Organization X} is seeking a vendor who
will be proactive in helping {Organization X} manage all waste and recyclables more cost
effectively. {Organization X} will provide an economic incentive for increasing the diversion
materials currently going to the landfill. It is intended that the successful bidder will be the driving
force behind increased diversion, working in partnership with {Organization X} staff and custodial
The successful bidder must meet the following objectives:
1. Seek continual improvement in {Organization X} resource use and assist {Organization X}
in increasing diversion (reduce, reuse, and recycle/compost);
2. Optimize current hauling, garbage disposal and recycling service to reduce overall waste
management system costs;
3. Develop a detailed tracking, reporting, and invoicing system;
4. Collaborate with {Organization X} staff to implement the program.
{Organization X} has approximately X,XXX employees and generates approximately XXX tons of
waste per year. Appendix A provides more detail on how waste and recyclables are currently
2. Instructions
2.1 Proposal Schedule
The timeline for the selection process is presented below. A pre-bid conference has been
scheduled for {Insert Date MM/DD/YY including time a.m./p.m. and location you would like the
meeting to be held}. Bidders will also be given a site tour of {Organization X} facilities. All
bidders who intend to submit a response are strongly encouraged to attend the pre-bid
meeting. Complete responses must be received by {MM/DD/YY @ including time a.m./p.m. and
sent to xxx}. No faxed or electronic submissions will be accepted. Upon award of bid,
{Organization X} would plan to begin Phase I by {MM/DD/YY most convenient to {Organization
RFP available online @ x:xx p.m.@
Deadline for submission of Acknowledgement of Receipt and
Attendance of Pre-bid Meeting by x:xx p.m.
Pre-bid meeting and site tour @ x.xx a.m.
{list location}
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