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Research Paper Proposal Template
Research Paper Proposal Template
Use the information on this page to help you write the proposal on the template
provided on page two. Please email me if you have any questions. Remember –
college class assignments should be typed unless the instructor tells you otherwise.
Your proposal should be brief and to the point. Don’t make it any more complicated
than it really is. Relax and think about how this assignment will help you learn how
to write better papers in the future.
Research Paper Proposal
To: Professor Debbie Vallejo
Subject of my paper: This is the broad topic your paper will fall under. Example –
“Short Term Memory Loss” is a broad topic. The thesis statement will narrow down the
discussion of your paper.
My Major and why writing this paper about this topic will be beneficial to me: This
is a personal discussion about why you chose the topic and how this information will
benefit you.
My thesis statement: Should be one or two sentences, and is a statement of your belief,
not a question. Is a specific statement that says where you stand on the topic you are
discussing. Example – Short term memory loss is a result of lack of retrieval, not a loss of
Approach to the subject of my paper: Try to envision a logical way in which to present
your material. In what order will you present your material to best address the issues
Will you have to define any terms If so, which ones Will you show opposing
viewpoints Will you be comparing and contrasting Will you be categorizing some
information Are there examples you can use from your sources to make the paper more
Intended audience: Who would be interested in reading your paper
Documentation Style: MLA (Modern Language Association)
Kinds of sources I will use and why they will benefit my paper: You need to have at
least three other sources outside of your textbook. Only one internet source allowed.
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Research Paper Proposal Template